Davening at Home (with or without a virtual service)

  • One cannot say Kaddish at home even when davening along on Zoom with the Minyan in Shul.
  • It is good to daven at the same time that we are davening in Shul so that we can be together in time if not in space.
  • Davening at home should be done in a place which is quiet and conducive to prayer. It should be clean and there is a preference to daven facing a wall (without photos or pictures of people) to avoid distraction. Nearby bathroom and toilet doors should be closed.
  • Davening should be done facing in the direction of Israel (South- East).
  • It is appropriate to designate a special room or space in the home for davening.
  • When davening at home, it is important to dress appropriately and as you would in Shul. This is especially necessary when members of different genders are davening together.
  • The repetition of the Amidah, Kaddish, Borchu and Kedusha are omitted when not davening with a Minyan.
  • Davening at home is an opportunity to concentrate on our prayers even more than usual.
  • It is also a wonderful opportunity to encourage everyone in the family to join in and to daven together.