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There is no longer a requirement to book for weekday davening.

Please remember to include any children in your Shabbos booking.

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Update to Covid 19 Rules in Shul:

Following the Government’s easing of legal requirements for Covid; the Trustees, Executive and Rabbi have considered carefully what changes are appropriate for our community. We have also benefited from guidance from the United Synagogue.

We are aware that there are different levels of vulnerability and different approaches to risk within our community and we aim to respect those differences and remain as inclusive as possible.  We also need to increase the number of available seats in Shul in order to accommodate all those who wish to attend.

Thank G‑d the large size of our shul building means that we are able to safely accommodate these different needs whilst maintaining a COVID safe environment and without compromising anybody.

Masks and Distancing

We have divided the Shul into two separate sections for the Shabbos services, one where all those seated must wear a mask and one in which mask wearing is optional.

We have now removed the screens from in front of seats but in both sections, we will be maintaining social distancing. In the masked section we will be maintaining the current level of distancing between households (2 metres +) and in the mask optional area there will be only a 1 metre distance between households.

The initial plan is for the right hand side of the Shul to be the masked section and for the left hand side to be the mask optional section. The middle section in the ladies’ gallery will be designated based on demand.

If you choose to sit in the designated mask optional section, you must still wear a mask when entering and leaving the Shul and in all communal areas including the bathrooms and may only take it off when sitting in your seat. You must also wear a mask if you get an Aliyah.

During weekday services, masks will be optional in all sections however you must maintain at least 2 metres from any other household and if you are not wearing a mask, please distance yourself as much as possible from those who are.

All of the above applies only to services in the Shul building. We will continue to hold services outside as much as possible and at these services mask wearing is optional. Distancing outside will be 1 metre between households.

Booking and Seat Allocation

In order to comply with NHS Test and Trace recommendations  you will still need to book in as normal by pressing the link above. When booking you will be asked to indicate in which section you intend on. Seats will no longer be allocated and instead will be available on a first come first served basis.


Pre-booking should ideally be done
online by clicking the link above,
or by phoning the Shul office during office hours
(Sun: 9:30am-12:30pm, Mon-Fri: 9:00am-1:00pm)
on 0161 740 4766.

Other Arrangements

We continue to ask that you abide by the following rules:

  • You must not attend Shul if you are unwell or have been told to isolate.
  • Sanitise your hands on your way in and out of shul.
  • Do not congregate inside after davening.
  • Use your own Tallit, Siddur and Chumash.  
  • A screen will be placed between the Baal Koreh and people who are called up.
  • Hagbaha and Gellilah will now be done by two people.
  • Davening will continue from the front with screens.
  • Doors and windows will be kept open to provide ventilation.
  • Enhanced cleaning of commonly touched items (e.g., door handles, toilets etc) will continue.