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Shabbos and Yom Tov Times
Erev Succos - Sunday (13/10/19):
Shacharis: 8:30am
Mincha: 6:05pm
Followed by a Shiur by Mr Yoni Finlay & Maariv. Kiddish will be in the succah.

Succos 1st Day - Monday (14/10/19):
Shacharis: 9:30am
Guest Speaker Rabbi Moshe Feldman
Mincha: 6:00pm
Followed by a Shiur and Maariv

Succos 2nd Day - Tuesday (15/10/19):
Shacharis: 9:30am
Guest Speaker Rabbi Benjamin Simmonds
Mincha: 6:00pm
Followed by a Shiur
Maariv: 7:03pm

There is a Children's service (11:15am) and a Youth Service (10:45am) every Shabbos and Yom Tov morning.
The children's Kiddush on Succos will take place in the Children's succah near the main hall.

Kiddush on Succos will take place in the Succah.
Chol Hamoed Shacharis Times
Wednesday - Friday: 7:15am
Chol Hamoed Mincha & Maariv Times
Wednesday & Thursday:
Mincha followed by Maariv: 5:55pm
Condolences to Howard and Marc Lawton on the sad passing of their mother, Mrs Shirley Lawton O’H.

Condolences to Mrs Hilary Gellman and to Mr Anthony Gellman on the sad passing of their husband and father, Mr Marshall Gellman O’H.

Condolences to Mr Michael Angel, and to Darren and Leanne on the sad passing of their wife and mother, Mrs Arlene Angel O’H.
Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to to Naomi & Heath Showman and to all their family on the occasion of Harry’s barmitzvah this morning. Mazel tov to grandparents Maureen & Joseph Hayward and to Mrs Marlene Showman.
Shabbos Gemara Shiur in the home of Rabbi Walker: 5:00pm
An amount of money was found in the Shul Hall. If it is yours, please contact Rabbi Walker.

Please note that the Simchat Torah Luncheon is now fully booked up.

The Simchas Beis Hashoevah will be in our Succah on Wednesday (16th) after Maariv.

Naomi & Heath Showman invite the congregation to join them for Kiddush in the social hall after davening to celebrate Harry’s barmitzvah on Shabbos morning.
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Shabbos & Yom Tov Times
Succos First Set 14th & 15th October:
Latest Candle Lighting: 6:03pm
Candle Lighting for 2nd day NOT before: 7:05pm
Yom Tov Ends: 7:07pm

Shabbos Chol Hamoed 19th October:
Latest Candle Lighting: 5:51pm
Shabbos Ends: 7:09pm

Succos Second Set 21st & 22nd October:
Latest Candle Lighting: 5:47pm
Candle Lighting for 2nd day NOT before: 6:50pm
Yom Tov Ends: 6:48pm

Shabbos Bereishit (Mevarchim) 26th October:
Latest Candle Lighting: 5:36pm
Shabbos Ends: 6:40pm

Shabbos Noach 2nd November:
Latest Candle Lighting: 4:22pm
Shabbos Ends: 5:27pm