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Shul Announcements
Condolences to Mr Martin Travis, Mr Ian Travis & Mrs Sharon Pollock on the very sad passing of their mother, Mrs Betty Travis ע"ה. Shiva will end on Monday (08/06) morning.
Shabbos & Yom Tov Times
Naso 6th June
Earliest Candle Lighting: 7:48pm - Latest Candle Lighting: 9:17pm - Shabbos Ends: 10:49pm
Behaalotecha 13th June
Earliest Candle Lighting: 7:53pm - Latest Candle Lighting: 9:23pm - Shabbos Ends: 10:57pm
Shelach Lecha (Mevorchim) 20th June
Earliest Candle Lighting: 7:56pm - Latest Candle Lighting: 9:26pm - Shabbos Ends: 11:00pm
Letter from Rabbi Walker
Dear Friends, I write this with a deep sense of pain. A few weeks ago we turned the shul lights off after Maariv but perhaps for the first time since our shul was founded in 1935 they were not turned on again for Shacharis the next morning.
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Learning & Inspiration
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