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Shul Calendar
Shul Announcements
Mazal Tov!
Mazal tov to Rabbi Daniel & Esther and all their family on Avigail’s engagement to Moishe Bell.
Refuah Shelayma
Refuah Shelayma to Mr Marc Baer.
Refuah Shelayma
Refuah Shelayma to Mr Michael Kemp.
Unveiling of Matzeivah
Mr Martin Goldfine will be unveiling a matzeivah for his late father, Mr Joel Goldfine ע"ה on Sunday 22nd May at 12:00pm at Rainsough Cemetery. 
Shabbos Times
Shabbos Bechukotai 28th May:
Candle Lighting:
Earliest: 7:39pm.
Ideally before: 7:55pm.
Latest: 9:06pm.

Shabbos Ends:10:34pm.
Shabbos Bamidbar & Shavous 4 - 6 June:
Friday Night (3 June) Candle Lighting:
Earliest: 7:46pm.
Latest: 9:14pm.

1st Night Shavous (4 June) Candle Lighting:
Not Before 10:46pm.

2nd Night Shavous (5 June) Candle Lighting:

Yom Tov Ends (6 June): 10:48
Covid 19 Rules in Shul have been updated.
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