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Shul Announcements
Shabbos Times
Friday (17/05/19) Mincha and Kabbolas Shabbos: 7:30pm
Shabbos Shacharis (18/05/19): 9:30am
Mincha followed by Seudah Shlishis: 8:55pm
Maariv: 10:14pm

There is a Children's service (11:15am) and Youth Service (10:45am) every Shabbos morning
Weekday Shacharis Times
Sunday: 8:30am
Monday: 7:20
Tuesday & Wednesday: 7:30am
Thursday: 7:20am
Friday: 7:30am
Weekday Mincha & Maariv Times
Sunday to Thursday:
Mincha followed by Maariv: 7:30pm
Thursday - Haftorah Practice with Sid Kohn: 8:00pm
The Seudah Shlishis this week has been sponsored by Estelle and Gerald Bloom to celebrate the birth of a great granddaughter.

At our Seuda Shlishis this Shabbos, Rabbi Dr Shlomo Brody from Mizrachi UK will be our guest speaker.

On Lag B’Omer, Thursday 23rd May at 8pm, please join us for a BBQ and bonfire in conjunction with Chabad Prestwich in the home of Francine and Eddie Edwards. Please see poster for all details.
Shabbos Times